1) The encoder is warranted for twenty-four months from the delivery date. Warranty claims do not exempt from the payment bounds.

2) The warranty covers the replacement or the repair at no charge of the parts showing manufacturing defects or acknowledged material faults.

3) The encoder will be repaired ONLY AT OUR LABORATORY in Collegno. Shipment expenses and risks will be at BUYER'S CHARGE..

4) Warranty does not cover damages due to mishandling, wrong or unproper installation and at any rate damages connected to causes indipendent from the normal encoder operation.

5) THE WARRANTY EXPIRES when the encoder is opened or mishandled by unauthorized people.

6) Encoder replacement and warranty extension in case of an overcome malfunction are excluded.

7) Compensation for direct or indirect damages of any nature, to people and/or things, due to use or use suspension of the encoder are excluded.

8) The modifications of the products required by the Customer, due to wrong purchase order, have to be agreed with the sales office before sending goods back to ELCIS ENCODER and confirmed by written order.

9) Any discussion between the Customer and our Firm will be of jurisdiction of the Court of Torino.